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    review rating 5  I spoke with three other lawyers and was told I had a complicated case that would be very expensive. I called Mr. Barics and he spent a lot of time listening and gave me a lot of information over the phone without charging me, which was a pleasant surprise. When we met in person, he answered all my questions. I hired Mr. Barics expecting my case to cost over $10,000. With his help, I was able to reach an agreement with my ex husband without going to court for only $2,500. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    thumb Cassandra Tarpley

    review rating 5  Fantastic attorney! When I first called Doug he spent a good hour on the phone with me at no charge. He was knowledgeable and listened to me, and gave me more advice by phone than I got from the other lawyers I spoke to combined.I met Doug in his office, and retained him after that. He formed a plan of action and stated right away. I must say that his sense of humor and confidence made all the difference.When I got my first bill, I couldn’t believe that so much of it was no charge. Doug told me he did that to make sure there I felt I could speak to him without watching the clock. It made a huge difference because Doug was well prepared when we met for a four way conference.My wife’s attorney seemed like he was learning about the case for the first time, and he charged a lot more than Doug charged me.I am really happy that he is on my side. Hiring Doug was the best decision I made because I can’t imagine how things would be without him as my attorney.I strongly recommend Doug Barics as an attorney.

    thumb Doug Darcy

    review rating 5  I am very grateful to Mr. Barics who is a fantastic lawyer, for his extraordinary level of service. Situations like mine are never easy, but Mr. Barics proved himself to be an outstanding lawyer in my divorce. He knows the law, he knew my case, and had excellent instincts. I strongly recommend the Law Office of J. Douglas Barics.

    thumb Marie Videl