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Attorney J. Douglas Barics


J. Douglas Barics

“My favorite part of my work is making a difference for clients who face complex challenges”

Mr. Barics handles a wide variety of complex divorce and family law cases, both at the trial level and on appeal. Since many family law issues don't fall neatly into the confines of the domestic relations law, Mr. Barics expanded his knowledge and practice to include foreclosure defense, probate and estate law, and other equitable remedies such as partitions and constructive trusts. Having an in depth knowledge of these related fields allows Mr. Barics to see solutions that others may miss.

Mr. Barics’ approach is straightforward. People need resolution and solutions. Agreements, negotiations, litigation and appeals are only the tools used to obtain these answers. More often than not a voluntary agreement that is fair is always the preference.

“Winning a case to me is reaching an agreement that both people think is fair. A fair agreement reduces the chance that either side will want to return to court.”

Settling a case fairly is what Mr. Barics considers a win. But reaching a fair agreement doesn’t always come easily, and fair agreements can only be reached from a position of strength. That means having the ability to take a case to trial or appeal it if necessary. In his over 25 years of practice, Mr. Barics has found being ready and able to go to trial is the single best way to avoid a trial to begin with.

Complex issues are something Mr. Barics welcomes. A self admitted procedural rule junkie, Mr. Barics' strong grasp of the CPLR and how to use it plays a critical role in how he practices law. Mr. Barics was once a math major and is not shy around numbers. While abstract algebra, group and ring theory may not have practical applications in the law, the ability to analyze numbers does. Mr. Barics can often spot hidden or missing assets through his mathematical skills.

“I consider myself primarily a problem solver, and I look at my job as helping good people out of bad situation.”

Since 2010, Mr. Barics' has been expanding into appellate work, and this is an area where he thrives. There's a certain satisfaction that comes with deconstructing a record, analyzing the issues, and coming up with creative solutions to fix errors made at trial. Unlike the theatrics that accompany courtroom litigation where thinking fast is just as important as knowing the law, appellate litigation requires the ability to study, research, analyze, and apply the law to the unique facts to each case.

Mr. Barics' preferred clients are those those who are willing to learn and understand the process and be involved as their case moves forward. All clients are given the information they need to understand the process, are told the options, risks, and likelihood of success an failure. Mr. Barics has found that this approach also helps him as a lawyer, as being able to make each client understand complicated legal issues means he is that much better prepared to make the judge understand them as well.

Some people are simply not in a position to deal with their legal issues head on. In these cases, Mr. Barics will explain the case on a level the client can absorb.  Often this goes hand in hand when people have been in a controlling relationship and they lack the skills to feel comfortable making their own decisions. Mr. Barics knows this is normal, and knows that this is normal behavior given the situation.

"The most rewarding part of my job is seeking people get comfortable in their own skin as they get used to being their own decision maker, sometimes for the first time in years"

Mr. Barics was an adjunct professor at CUNY college, where he taught New York family law for paralegals from 2000 to 2002.

From 1996 to 2001 Mr. Barics was certified as a Law Guardian for Kings County.

Mr. Barics lived in Brooklyn from 1990 to 1994, moving there when he attended Brooklyn Law School. He was admitted to practice law in 1994 and became an associate with the Law Firm of Andrew A. Bokser.. In 1996 Mr. Barics began his own practice part time in downtown Brooklyn, and in 1997, it became full time. In 1999 Mr. Barics moved his office to sharing office space with the late Robert E. Nowak, author of New York Equitable Distribution Law. Mr. Barics and Mr. Novak often researched and discussed obscure points of law. In 2015 Mr. Barics moved his office to Suffolk County which is where I live with his lovely wife, two teenage daughters, and two goofy dogs.

Education: S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook University B.A. (1987). Brooklyn Law School J.D. (1993).

Admitted in New York, Second Department 1994. The Unified Court System homepage has a directory of all attorneys currently admitted to practice in New York.

Memberships: Nassau County Bar Association. Queens County Bar Association