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Domestic Relations Law

DRL 5   Incestuous and void marriages

DRL 6   Void Marriages

DRL 7   Voidable Marriages

DRL 10 Marriage is a civil contract

DRL 10-A Parties to a marriage

DRL 10-B Religious exception

DRL 11 By whom a marriage must be solemnized

DRL 13 Marriage licenses

DRL 15-a Marriages of minors under fourteen years of age

DRL 70  Habeas corpus for child detained by parent

DRL 72 Special proceeding or habeas corpus to obtain visitation rights or custody in respect to certain infant grandchildren

DRL 75 UCCJEA: Short title and statement of legislative intent

DRL 76 UCCJEA: Jurisdiction

DRL 77 UCCJEA: Enforcement

DRL 78 UCCJEA: Application and Construction

DRL 78-a UCCJEA: Severability clause

DRL 140 Action for judgment declaring nullity of void marriages or annulling voidable marriage

DRL 141 Action to annul marriage on ground of incurable mental illness for five years

DRL 142 Dismissal of complaint in action by next friend to annul a marriage

DRL 143 Jury trial

DRL 144 Proof Required

DRL 146 Judgment, how far conclusive

DRL 170 Action for divorce

DRL 171 When divorce denied, although adultery proved

DRL 173 Jury trial for divorce grounds

DRL 200 Action for separation

DRL 210 Limitations on divorce or separation

DRL 211 Pleadings proof and motions

DRL 220 Dissolution of marriage on ground of absence

DRL 221 Procedure for dissolution of marriage on ground of absence

DRL 230 Required residence of parties

DRL 232 Notice of nature of matrimonial action; proof of service

DRL 234 Title to or occupancy and possession of property

DRL 236B New actions or proceedings (equitable distribution and maintenance)

DRL 237 Counsel fees and expenses

DRL 238 Counsel fees in enforcement proceedings

DRL 240 Custody and child support; orders of protection

DRL 240-a Judgment of decree; additional provisions

DRL 240-b Order of support by parent

DRL 240-c Review and cost of living adjustment of child support orders

DRL 241 Interference with or withholding of visitation rights;  alimony or maintenance suspension

DRL 243 Security for payments by defendant in action for divorce, separation or annulment;  sequestration

DRL 244 Enforcement by execution of judgment or order in action for divorce, separation or annulment

DRL 244-a Enforcement of arrears which accrue during pendency of an enforcement proceeding

DRL 244-b Child support proceedings and enforcement of arrears;  suspension of driving privileges

DRL 244-c Child support proceedings and enforcement of arrears;  suspensions of state professional, occupational and business licenses

DRL 244-d Child support proceedings and enforcement of arrears;  suspension of recreational license

DRL 245 Enforcement by contempt proceedings of judgment or order in action for divorce, separation or annulment

DRL 246 Persons financially unable to comply with orders or judgments directing the payment of alimony

DRL 247 Alimony or maintenance payments suspended during confinement in prison

DRL 248 Modification of judgment or order in action for divorce or annulment

DRL 249 Trial preferences in matrimonial actions

DRL 250 Agreements relating to marriage;  statute of limitations

DRL 251 Filing of order in family court

DRL 252 Effect of pendency of action for divorce, separation or annulment on petition for order of protection

DRL 253 Removal of barriers to remarriage

DRL 254 Confidentiality

DRL 255 Prerequisites for judgments under articles nine, ten and eleven

Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR)

CPLR Article 3: Jurisdiction and Service, Appearance and Choice of Court

CPLR 304 Method of commencing action or special proceeding

CPLR 306: Proof of service

CPLR 306-a Index number in an action commenced in supreme or county court

CPLR 306-b Service of the summons and complaint, summons with notice

CPLR 308 Personal service upon a natural person

CPLR Article 22: Stay, Motions, Orders and Mandates

CPLR 2201 Stay

CPLR 2214: Motion papers service; time

CPLR 2215: Relief demanded by other than the moving party

CPLR 2221 Motion affecting prior order (motion to renew & motion to reargue)

CPLR Article 30: Remedies and Pleadings

CPLR 3011 Kinds of Pleadings (Complaint, Answer & Reply)

CPLR 3014 Statements of Pleadings

CPLR 3016(c) Pleadings in Divorce or Separation

CPLR 3018 Responsive Pleadings (denials, affirmative defenses)

CPLR 3019 Counterclaims and Cross-claims

CPLR 3020 Verification

CPLR 3021 Form of affidavit of verification

CPLR 3026 Liberal construction of pleadings

CPLR Article 31: Disclosure

CPLR 3101: Scope of disclosure

CPLR 3110 Where the deposition is to be taken within the state

CPLR 3111 Production of things at the examination

CPLR 3112 Errors in notice for taking depositions

CPLR 3113 Conduct of examination

CPLR 3114 Examination of witness who does not understand the English language

CPLR 3115 Objections to qualification of person taking deposition, competency, questions and answers

CPLR 3116 Signing deposition, physical preparation, copies

CPLR 3117 Use of Depositions

CPLR 3120 Notice for discovery and inspection

CPLR 3124 Failure to disclose, motion to compel discovery

CPLR 3125 Place where motion to compel disclosure made

CPLR 3126 Penalties for refusal to comply with order or to disclose

CPLR 3130 Use of interrogatories

CPLR 3131 Scope of interrogatories

CPLR 3132 Service of interrogatories

CPLR 3133 Service of answers or objections to interrogatories

CPLR Article 32: Accelerated Judgment

CPLR 3211 Motion to dismiss

CPLR 3212 Motion for summary judgment

CPLR Article 44: Trial Motions

CPLR 4404: Post-trial motion for judgment and new trial

CPLR 4405 Time and judge before whom post-trial motion made

CPLR Article 45: Evidence

CPLR 4502 Spouse: Incompetency to testify where issue adultery

CPLR Article 50: Judgments Generally

CPLR 5015 Relief from judgment or order

CPLR Article 55: Appeals Generally

CPLR 5501 Scope of review

CPLR 5511 Permissible appellant and respondent

CPLR 5512 Appealable paper; entry of order made out of court

CPLR 5513 Time to take appeal, cross-appeal or move for permission to appeal

CPLR 5514 Extension of time to take appeal or to move for permission to appeal

CPLR 5515 Taking an appeal; notice of appeal

CPLR 5516 Motion for permission to appeal

CPLR 5517 Subsequent  orders

CPLR 5518 Preliminary  injunction  or  temporary  restraining order by  appellate division

CPLR 5519 Stay of enforcement

CPLR 5520 Omissions; appeal by improper method

CPLR 5522 Disposition of appeal

CPLR 5525 Preparation and settlement of transcript; statement in lieu of transcript

CPLR 5526 Content and form of record on appeal

CLPR 5527 Statement in lieu of record on appeal

CPLR 5528 Content of briefs and appendices

CPLR 5529 Form of briefs and appendices

CPLR 5530 Filing record and briefs; service of briefs

CPLR 5531 Description of action

CPLR Article 57: Appeals to the Appellate Division

CPLR 5701 Appeals to appellate division from supreme and county courts

CPLR 5702 Appeals to appellate division from other courts of original instance

CPLR 5703 Appeals to appellate division from appellate courts

CPLR 5704 Review of ex parte orders



UCCJEA (DRL 75, DRL 76, DRL 77, DRL 78 and DRL 78A) Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

PKPA Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act


Family Court Act

Real Property Law

Being updated 10/26-2019

New York Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Appellate Courts

New York Rules and Regulations: Trial Courts

Estate, Powers and Trusts Law

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