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Divorce and Appellate Attorney

Divorce Lawyer

Going through divorce is difficult enough and choosing the right divorce attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your decisions during your divorce will impact the rest of your life. Even after a divorce is finalized, either spouse has the right to appeal the judgment, challenge the stipulation of settlement, or seek a modification of support. You need straight answers and a lawyer with the experience and skills to obtain the solution that is right for you.

Matrimonial Appeals Attorney

A experienced appeals attorney will be able to craft a strong brief which will focus on errors made by the trial judge. An effective brief will be able to convey complex matters in a clear fashion to allow the appellate division to focus on the legal analysis. For over 25 years, we have successfully represented individuals in appeals.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Many times divorces go hand in hand with foreclosures, and a qualified foreclosure attorney who is well versed in foreclosure law can identify those times when it is possible to increase the size of the marital estate when a foreclosure may be stopped. Since 2010, J. Douglas Barics has been providing representation to individuals in need of a foreclosure defense.

Holistic Legal Services

Asking questions is easy. Finding the right lawyer to assist you in finding the right questions to ask is important. If you or someone you know needs an attorney, feel free to reach out and ask for help.

Practice Areas

Divorce Area of Practice Link
Matrimonial and Family Law

At both trial and appellate level, you are provided with an experienced divorce lawyer. With extensive experience in equitable distribution, custody, child support and maintenance, you will be provided with assistance every step of the way. While the vast majority of matrimonial cases wind up settling, a fair family law agreement can only occur when both parties negotiate in good faith and both are on equal footing. You will be advised how to protect your rights, no matter how complex your case may be.

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Appeals Area of Practice Link

Appellate litigation requires a very different set of skills. Every appeal must identify reversible errors and construct arguments are most likely to succeed. For over two decades, the appellate practice has focused on individuals who face complex issues. Many clients seek our assistance for the first time on an appeal who need relief from an unjust order, or to defend against an appeal. Whatever the setting, you are provided with the knowledge and skill to protect your interests, no matter how complex the issues are in the appeal.

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Foreclosure Area of Practice Link
Foreclosure Defense

In order to foreclose on a home in New York, a judgment of foreclosure must be obtained. This means the lender must bring an action to foreclose in Supreme Court. In order to prevail, the lender must meet numerous requirements, and homeowners may have additional protection as well. If the lender cannot meet all requirements mandated by law, the entire foreclosure can be dismissed. Under some circumstances, the lender may be required to reimburse the legal fees of the homeowner if the homeowner prevails.

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Probate Trusts Estates Area of Practice Link
Probate and Estates

An estate is a legal entity which is created to hold property and assets of a deceased individual whose property does not otherwise pass to others. When someone dies with a will, the will is probated and a testator is appointed to manage the estate. When there is no will, the estate is administered, and an administrator is appointed to manage the estate.

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Partition Actions Link
Partition Actions

When property is owned by two or more people, each owner has a right to force a sale of the property. When  owners cannot agree to dispose of jointly held property, any one can request a court partition the property into individual lots, or if that is not possible, compel a sale by court order. In simple terms, people cannot be compelled to own property with someone else.

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Constructive Trust Link
Constructive Trusts

A constructive trust is a remedy to prevent one person from becoming unjustly enriched when they hold property on behalf of another person and refuse to give it back. Constructive trusts can be brought as a separate action or combined with a matrimonial action as a separate cause of action. They are extremely useful if equitable distribution does not apply.

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I was thoroughly satisfied with Mr.Barics. He helped me through a difficult divorce explaining everything to me step by step. He was patient and understanding and extremely knowledgeable.. I highly recommend him

josephine maura Avatar josephine maura

I used Mr. Barics for my divorce over ten years ago and was very happy with his services. He has handled several other legal matters for me since then and I am always pleased with his representation. I have referred him to several people over the years and they have been happy with his work. He is an excellent lawyer.

Margo Swornley Avatar Margo Swornley

I am very grateful to Mr. Barics who is a fantastic lawyer, for his extraordinary level of service. Situations like mine are never easy, but Mr. Barics proved himself to be an outstanding lawyer in my divorce. He knows the law, he knew my case, and had excellent instincts. I strongly recommend the Law Office of J. Douglas Barics.

Marie Videl Avatar Marie Videl


Divorce and Appeal Resources

The following resources are provided by J. Douglas Barics. All articles are written exclusively by Mr. Barics. Each article references controlling  statutes and case law, which is also provided for review. These articles are provided for information only and are not a substitute for legal advice.

Mr. Barics represents individuals in matrimonial and family law matters in both trials and appeals.

For Attorneys:  Mr. Barics is also retained to be appellate counsel by counsel, and as a consultant on complex legal issues. New attorneys are welcome to contact Mr. Barics as well on any matter in which they need guidance.

Law Articles Link

Law Articles

Browse our selection of in depth articles. Each article cites controlling statutes and relevant case law.

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Statutes Link

Select Statutes

Many cases and articles refer to various statutes. Select provisions of the Domestic Relations Law and the CPLR are presented here to allow for better understanding of the law. Rules for Appellate Practice are available as well.

Cases Link

Case Law

Select cases are presented here for review. Cases are organized by topic - appellate procedure, equitable distribution, custody, child support and more. An understanding of fundamental case law is helpful in understanding how statutes are interpreted. Cases law is ever evolving as new fact patters not previously covered are litigated and decided.