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Pendente Lite Motions

Pendente Lite Motions

Pendente lite motions are motions made in matrimonial actions to obtain temporary orders that cannot wait until the results of a trial or final agreement. They are designed in theory to maintain a status quo to allow both spouses to continue to live while the divorce is proceeding.

Pendente lite motions typically include the following issues

  • Pendente lite custody
  • Pendente lite parenting time
  • Pendente lite child support
  • Pendente lite spousal support
  • Pendente lite exclusive occupancy
  • Pendente lite counsel fee awards
  • Pendente lite expert fee awards

Pendente lite relief can only be granted by making a motion. The rules of procedure and governing case law require these motions to include certain language and mandatory exhibits, depending on what relief is being requested.

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