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Homepage of
The New York State
Court of Appeals

New York State Court of Appeals
20 Eagle Street
Albany, New York 12207
Phone: (518) 455-7700

Homepage of
The Supreme Court of New York
Appellate Division: First Department

Appellate Division, First Department
27 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 340-0400

Homepage of
The Supreme Court of New York
Appellate Division: Second Department

Appellate Division, Second Department
45 Monroe Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 875-1300

Homepage of
The Supreme Court of New York
Appellate Division: Third Department

Appellate Division, Third Department
Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice
State Street, Room 511
Albany, New York 12223
(518) 471-4777

Homepage of
The Supreme Court of New York

Appellate Division: Fourth Department

Appellate Division, Fourth Department
50 East Avenue, Suite 200
Rochester, New York 14604
(585) 530-3100



Legal Research: Online legal research, cases, statutes, articles.

Online Tools: Online child support calculators.

Tax InformationState and federal tax information

Bar Associations: List of various bar associations.

Lawyer ReferralsLawyer referral sites

Moderate Means and Pro Bono referrals: Free and low cost legal assistance

Legal Research for New York Divorce and General Law

New York State Unified Court System Homepage Official website for the New York Unified Court System. Contains information about the courts, court decisions, court forms, instructions for pro se litigants, attorney registration, information for jurors, directory of judges, information on public law libraries, electronically track a case and more.

Laws of New York New York State legislative online library. Domestic Relations Law and CPLR are found in the consolidated law section. The Family Court Act is found under the court act section. Main page also includes information on pending New York legislation.

Uniform Rules for Trial Courts NYCRR Uniform Rules for N.Y.S. Trial Courts. Part 202 Supreme and Civil Court, including rules for matrimonial actions.

Findlaw Cases and codes for Federal and State law. Attorney directory, forms, contracts, legal news.

Findlaw New York Section Direct link to findlaw's New York section.

Cornell University Law School Constitutions and codes, United State Supreme Court decisions, instructions on legal citation.

I.R.S. - US Dept. of Treasury IRS website. Download the most current tax forms and IRS publications.

Fedworld The web site is a gateway to government information. This site is managed by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) as part of it's information management mandate

Uniform Commercial Code - Cornell Library Direct link to the Uniform Commercial Code.

Meta Index for U.S. Legal Research Searchable legal indexes. While this site has not been updated for several years, many of the links are current.

Washburn University School of Law Directory Washburn University School of Law Directory of New York State Governmental and Legal Resources.

New York Law Journal State and regional law information, cases and development.

Summary of all 50 States Family Laws - American Bar Association Direct link to the American Bar Association's summary of family law in all 50 states.

Vital Records Online resource for locating vital records, including birth certificates, death records, marriage license, divorce decrees.

FirstGov The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal.

Fed law Federal law links and references.

New York State Child Support Office of Children and Family Services.

Adoption information on Online central information on all types of adoptions.

New York Adoption Laws Direct link to New York adoption law and resources on

S.P.A.R.C. the Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center.

Court Law Library for public use for all counties in New York Direct link to listing of brick and mortar law libraries in each county for the general public.

Martindale Hubbell on Online lawyer directory, research legal information, blogs, message boards.

Divorcenet Family Law information, solutions, news and community. Offers state-specific articles, an on-line community and a nationwide directory of divorce lawyers, mediators and financial professionals.

Divorceinfo Comprehensive website by Alabama family law lawyer, Lee Borden. Information on divorce and family law for all fifty states.

Divorcesource A state specific divorce and family law web site providing information and referrals for people facing and experiencing issues revolving around divorce, separation, child custody, support, alimony, family law and separation.

Divorcecentral A service and support center for the divorced and the divorcing. A link to friends, family law resources, information, and expertise.

Divorcesupport Provides divorce information on family law topics such as; divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and equitable distribution, property division.

DivorceHQ All divorce issues including alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, financial, divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, divorce services, free child support calculator, and more.

Lawinfo Legal FAQ, public domain legal forms, attorney directory.

Divorcelawfirms Find Lawyers or Law Firms concentrating in Divorce law, including Pre Nuptial Rights, Child Custody, Equitable Distribution, Child Support, Maintenance and Alimony Law, Visitation Rights, Contested Divorce and Absolute Divorce.

Family Law Lawyers We stay on top of the ever-changing legal landscape and update our site everyday to bring you the latest news and information on divorce and family law.

Attorneys Forum Legal Help and Law Discussion Forums.

Tools for Child Support

Interactive Child Support Guide Interactive guide for New York State's Child Support Services, for both the custodial and non custodial parent.

New York State Child Support New York State Child Support Services Online. Information, support payment options, services for custodial and non custodial parents.


Internal Revenue Service Internal Revenue Service web site. Tax forms, publications, information.

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance New York State Department of Taxation and Finance web site. Download tax forms.

Bar Associations

American Bar Association The American Bar Association provides, law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.

New York State Bar Association Resources for the public and attorneys. Lawyer directories, information about attorneys, guide to New York Courts, and The People's Law School.

Suffolk County Bar Association Lawyer referrals, pro bono and moderate means referrals, public services, fee disputes for Suffolk County, Long Island.

Nassau County Bar Association Attorney referrals, moderate means lawyer panel, ethics opinions, for Nassau County, Long Island.

Queens County Bar Association Voluntary attorney bar association serving Queens County, New York City. Legal referrals.

Brooklyn Bar Association Bar Association serving Kings County, New York City.

New York City Bar Association Formed shortly after the Civil War, the New York City Bar Association offers a wide number of services to its members, including a lawyer referral service and ethics opinions.

Women's Bar Association for the State of New York A bar association dedicated to the advancement of the status of women in society and women in the legal profession.

New York County Lawyers Association Founded in 1908, the New York County Lawyers Association has been one of the largest and most influential county bar associations in the country.

Lawyer Directories

ABA Consumer Guide to Legal Help State based resource for finding legal assistance. Run by Martindale Hubell, one of the oldest lawyer directories. Locate lawyers, research legal topics, FAQ. Hosts some of the most active message boards.

Attorneyfind Online lawyer directory by area of practice.

AttorneyLocate Lawyer directory and attorney search for the United States and Canada.

AllLaw On line attorney directory, information and forms.

Inside Divorce For legal information, help and support for divorce and marriage problems.

Moderate Means and Pro Bono Lawyer Referrals

ABA directory of New York Pro Bono Services American Bar Association's consumer's guide to pro bono legal services.

Nassau County Bar Association The NCBA offers a moderate means and pro bono referral panel to individual with legal matters in Nassau County, Long Island.

Suffolk County Bar Association The SCBA has a moderate means and pro bono referral panel for people with legal matters in Suffolk County, Long Island.

New York County Lawyer's Association The New York County Bar Association has a moderate means and pro bono referral panel for all five boroughs of New York City.